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    do-or-die competi

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    t was the○ longest o○ne at the Be〓ijing Olym◆pics.US, Aus●tralia to ●meet for wom●en´s baske●tball goldBEIJING, ○Aug. 21 (Xi○nhua) -- The Uni◆ted States, the th●ree consecutive ■Olympic wo●men's basketball ti●tles holder, ●will take on Austra●lia, the current wo◆rld champions, ●for the Beijing ■Games gold o

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  • ursday.T◆he 26-year-old ace ●pitcher worked se

    n Satu◆rday.Australia eas○ed past Chi○na 90-56 in a sem●ifinal game whil●e the Ameri●cans overcame● a slow start to be●at Russia 67-52■ in another semi◆.The Aussies ●continued to excel ●on rebounds in the 〓second quarter,● with 13 compar●ed to China's sev■en, and score in the■ paint to stretc●h the leadin○g margin

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  • ○nnings, stri◆king out five● batters and◆ al

    to ◆double digits at ha●lf-time, 34-18."We○ lost a lot in r○ebounding,"〓 China's center ◆Chen said. "●We played q●uite a physical game■, especially insid〓e."VANCOUVER, ●Feb. 26 (Xi◆nhua) -- The Chine○se women curle●rs awarded〓 China its fi■rst ever team○ medal in th○e winter Olympic● history, overw■helming Swi◆

    lowing five ●hi

ts.On th◆e mornin

tzerland 12-6 t〓o win the cur○ling bronz●e medal at the〓 Vancouver ◆Olympics here Fr○iday. Switz

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erland〓, the two-time sil○ver medallist at th●e 2006 Turin and■ the 2002 Salt ●Lake Games,

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was s○topped from rea●ping the medal for t○hree consecutive〓 Games. "I am very p■roud of my


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the prolonged○ nine-inning m

team. I○t's our fi■rst Olympic exper■ience and we◆ won a bro〓nze medal," said● Chinese sk■ip Wang Bingyu. "■We have been togethe■r for 10 yea■rs, not very○ long.

●atch at
a speed ●above 110 ki APR

lome◆ters per hour.Al〓though

So we have○ to thank our fa●mily and c◆urling fan■s in China. A lo■t of people● have shown s○uch generosity◆ and kindness, and● we were glad to■ be able t●o award

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